The chain of events that follow

Gut you and leave you hollow

Fuck you and make you wallow

In your own sorrow

With a blade to your wrist

Leaving cuts so deep

You continue to bleed into tomorrow

The scars are there to remind you

You burned these memories too deep inside you

You refuse to see the future

Because you let the past continue to blind you

The Hard Rock. Las Vegas, Nevada

The Hard Rock. Las Vegas, Nevada

That anon was me ehhh just wanted to know sorrie :/ And cool background :D

No don’t worry its cool,  I was just afraid it was like a 40 year old guy haha. And thanks! I have a pretty big monster can collection in my basement. I used to be addicted

Whats ur nationality?

I’m a Paki/Palestinian mix but I was born in the US

How old are you? Where ya from?

This message kind of sketches me out because it’s anonymous, but I’ll answer anyway haha….I’m 21 and was born/raised in PA